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Steps to Set Blank WhatsApp Status | WhatsApp Tricks 2018

How to Set Blank WhatsApp Status

This is a very popular WhatsApp trick that lets users set a blank WhatsApp status. Officially WhatsApp doesn’t allow to keep your status blank. This empty space in your status will look very unique.

The trick to set a blank WhatsApp status is that WhatsApp doesn’t support all the Unicode Characters. So, use of any such Unicode character will display a blank space in place of that character.


Steps to set up a blank WhatsApp Status in Android Phone are as follows:

Step 1: Copy these two characters written after this sentence.
Copy these 2 symbols: ⇨ ຸ

Step 2: Go to your WhatsApp.


Step 3: Click on settings.

WhatsApp settings

Step 4: Tap on the status beside your name.

tap on status beside name

Step 5: In that dialogue box, under about and phone number, tap on the status.

after setting blank status updated

Step 6: Tap on the edit button and paste the two copied symbols.

Blank WhatsApp Status
Step 7: Now, remove only the arrow symbol(⇨), where you are left with only one symbol i.e. (,).

the symbol 1
Step 8: Now, click on the Ok button.

This is how your WhatsApp Status will look:


after setting Blank WhatsApp status after setting statusBlank WhatsApp status looks like

Now, your WhatsApp status will be blank just go and check.

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NOTE: You have to copy both the Symbols or else this trick won’t work.



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