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As new Year is about to come, there are many people searching for many questions regarding their new year Resolution. Each and every person will make a New Year’s Resolution for them. The resolution can be anything about their fitness, about their healthy eating, about their friends, etc. There are people as well who don’t have any idea or a clue about their New Year’s resolution. This article will help them make their New Year’s Resolution as well.

Why do people make a New Year’s Resolution?

What are the resolutions that people make?

What is the tradition behind the New Year’s Resolution?

All these answers are provided in this article.

What is New Year Resolution?

A new year’s resolution is of Western Hemisphere tradition. It is originated from the Western Hemisphere and now is also used in Eastern Hemisphere. A Resolution is made to change one’s self-undesired behavior to accomplish a personal goal or also to improve otherwise in a better way as a person.

Resolutions can be some goals that you want to accomplish over a short period of time or it can also be long-term goals for a year or more than a year.

People who make some resolution and should keep a track of their progress and their goals.

Religious Origins

In the early times, the Romans began each year by making promises to their God Janus, from here the name January came into Picture.

The Babylonians also made promises to their Gods at the start of each year to return all the objects that they have borrowed and paid off their debts.

After some Decades in the medieval era, the Knights took the “Peacock vow” in the Christmas season every year to re-affirm their commitment to Chivalry.

This tradition of New Year’s Resolution has many religious parallels. For e.g. during Judaism’s new year, Rosh Hashanah through the High Holidays and culminating from the Yom Kippur, each one of them used to deflect upon their wrong doings for the previous year and both of them seek to offer forgiveness.

These are the popular goals or some popular New Year Resolution

  • To eat healthy food, lose weight, to improve physical well-being, to exercise more, to improve one’s eating habits, to drink less alcohol, quit smoking, or to get rid of some old habits.
  • To improve mental well-being, to think positive, to laugh more often, not to be annoying, to enjoy Life.
  • Improve finances, getting out of debt, save money, to make small investments.
  • To improve career, to perform better in current job, or to get a better job, etc.
  • To improve one’s education, going out for further education, or completing one’s half left course.
  • To improve self, to become more organized, to improve one’s grade, reducing stress, to manage time.
  • Take a long trip.
  • Self-Volunteer for some work or a service, practice life skills, give some to charity.
  • Get along with some better people, to improve social skills.
  • Make new friends.
  • Spend quality time with family members.
  • Be more involved in sports or different activities.
  • Settle down, get engaged/get married, have kids with the person whom you love.
  • Spend less time on social media.

There is no 100 percent success rate in these resolutions. There is also some failure rate by the people.

The reasons can be that the people themselves can have set some unrealistic goals, while others may haven’t kept a track of their progress and most of them must have forgotten about it.

And, One in Ten person claim that they have set more than one resolutions which is a bit difficult to manage all at once.

A study in 2007 done by Richard Wiseman from the Bristol University said that from 3000 people, 88 percent of people fail to overcome on their resolutions.

Despite that, 52% people were very much confident for their success at the beginning. Men achieved 22% more often towards their goal when they engaged in their goal setting.

Whereas, only 10 % women succeeded when they made their goals in public and when they got some support from their Friends.



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